Carthage Full Gospel Church is a non-denominational, spirit-filled church located in Middle Tennessee, Smith County. Carthage Full Gospel is a family oriented church with a strong emphasis on grace and peace, as well as improving relationship with God and each other.

             Pastor Jackie Dawson strives to share a message relevant to today’s society, to inspire hope and awareness of God’s unconditional love.


                Carthage Full Gospel Church embraces traditional values, but is not limited to traditional methods. Our music is contemporary, yet Bible-based. Appealing family ministry outreach includes nursery/P-K, puppet team, Youth Ministry, and Kid’s Church.


A message from the Pastor:
As people discover the love of God they are filled with hope and possess the foundation necessary to overcome life’s obstacles. When we discover God’s love absolutely nothing can separate us from it, our lives are eternally impacted. Our church proclaims a non-condemning message, which focuses on what God has done for us instead of what we can do for God. We strive to be bridge-builders in our community and to be recognized, not by our doctrine but by our love….